State of SGM Health Symposium

ISGMH’s State of SGM Health Symposium convenes researchers, policy makers, community–based organizations, LGBTQ youth, and community members to discuss the health disparities and resiliency of LGBTQ people. The symposium presents an opportunity to spark interdisciplinary conversations on best practices and policies for supporting the health of LGBTQ communities. Following formal presentations and panels on the research and current work in LGBTQ health, attendees are invited to a reception providing the opportunity to connect across disciplines and organizations.

Since the inaugural Symposium in 2016, each Symposium closely examines the health and wellbeing of a specific intersection in the LGBT community. The 2017 Symposium focused on LGBTQ youth and the 2018 Symposium highlighted the intersections of race/ethnicity and LGBTQ identities.

The State of SGM Health Symposium is supported and organized by several partner organizations. The 2017 Symposium was co-hosted by the Center for Prevention Implementation MethodologyAdvocates for Youth, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago,  and was supported by the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance. The Northwestern Office of the Provost generously supported the 2018 Symposium with a Daniel I. Linzer Grant for Innovation in Diversity and Equity.

2019 Committee Members:

Antonio King
Chicago Department of Public Health

Bonsai Bermudez
Youth Empowerment Performance Project

Brian Feinstein

Craig W. Johnson
American Medical Association

Elissa Sarno

Ethan Morgan

Francesca Gaiba

Ing Swenson
Center on Halsted

Kim Hunt
Pride Action Tank

Sean Connolly
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Shannon Sotomayor

Thom Remble

Vanessa Sheridan
Center on Halsted