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Kye Adams

Kye Adams (any/all respectably)

Data Assistant, EDIT Team

Saf Al-Salaita, B.A.

Saf Al-Salaita, B.A.(they/them)

Research Assistant, RADAR

Pedro Alonso Serrano, M.P.H., C.P.H.

Pedro Alonso Serrano, M.P.H., C.P.H.(he/him)

Senior Project Manager, EDIT

Andrés Alvarado-Avila

Andrés Alvarado-Avila(he/him)

Research Project Manager, THRIVE

Rebe Arteaga

Rebe Arteaga(she/her and they/them)

Med Student Researcher, ADVOCATE Program

Grace Avila, M.A.

Grace Avila, M.A.(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, CHAMBERS Study

Angel Avina, M.S., M.P.H.

Angel Avina, M.S., M.P.H.(he/him)

Clinical Research Associate, CFAR

Ross Baiers, M.P.H.

Ross Baiers, M.P.H.(he/they)

Project Director, RADAR

Kate Banner, M.A.

Kate Banner, M.A.(she/her)

Director of Research Operations, CONNECT

Jalen Brown

Jalen Brown(they/them)

Medical Student Researcher, ReACH Lab

Caden Buckhalt, B.A.

Caden Buckhalt, B.A.(he/him)

Developer Associate, CONNECT Program

Zach Buehler

Zach Buehler(he/him)

Research Project Coordinator, Teen Health Lab

Natalie Burdsall

Natalie Burdsall(they/she)

Communications Coordinator, ISCI

Amanda Cain

Amanda Cain(she/her)

Office Manager/Program Assistant 3

Jim Carey, M.P.H.

Jim Carey, M.P.H.(he/him)

Research Project Manager, 2GETHER Project

 Eric Carty-Fickes, M.S.

Eric Carty-Fickes, M.S.(he/him)

Senior Developer, RADD Team

Shruti Chandra

Shruti Chandra(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, ISCI

Jade Clarke, MBA.

Jade Clarke, MBA.(she/her)

Business Coordinator

 Alfred Cortez, M.P.H.

Alfred Cortez, M.P.H.(he/him)

Research Data Analyst, EDIT

Armando Del Bosque

Armando Del Bosque(he/him)

Research Study Assistant, RADAR

Molly Delehant, M.S.

Molly Delehant, M.S.(she/her)

Senior Project Coordinator

Jill Dispenza

Jill Dispenza(she/her)

Clinical Research Associate

Mona Dockerty, B.A.

Mona Dockerty, B.A.(she/her)

Associate Research Administrator

Valeria Donoso

Valeria Donoso(she/her/ella)

Research Study Coordinator Senior, SISCI

Ella Segovia Fernandez, B.A.

Ella Segovia Fernandez, B.A.(she/her)

Data Assistant, EDIT Program

Ysabel (Bea) Floresca, B.S.

Ysabel (Bea) Floresca, B.S.(she/her)

Data Assistant Associate, EDIT Program

Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers(they/she)

Research Study Coordinator, RADAR

James Foran, B.S.

James Foran, B.S.(he/him)

Research Study Coordinator, Day2Day (D2D) Project

Pol Galofre Molero, B.A.

Pol Galofre Molero, B.A.(he/him)

Program Coordinator, THRIVE Center

Christopher Garcia, B.S.

Christopher Garcia, B.S.(he/him)

Research Study Coordinator, 2GETHER Project

Jas S. Gibbs, M.A.

Jas S. Gibbs, M.A.(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, Veldhuis Lab

Erik Elías Glenn, M.S.W.

Erik Elías Glenn, M.S.W.(he/him)

Associate Director, EDIT Program

Madalyn Grabow

Madalyn Grabow(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, RADAR

Kevin Hascher

Kevin Hascher(he/him)

M.D./M.P.H. student in ReACH Lab

Christina Hayford, M.S./M.S.P

Christina Hayford, M.S./M.S.P(she/her)

Senior Research Data Analyst, CFAR

Ines Sabina Hernandez

Ines Sabina Hernandez(she/her)

Graduate Student, Veldhuis Lab

Jarrett Hobby

Jarrett Hobby(he/him)

Research Study Coordinator, All2Gether

Jenni Holtz, B.A.

Jenni Holtz, B.A.(they/them)

Research Project Coordinator, ReACH Lab

Manuel Hurtado Jr, B.A.

Manuel Hurtado Jr, B.A.(he/him)

Research Study Coordinator, SMART and KIU! studies

Kyle Jozsa, M.A.

Kyle Jozsa, M.A.(he/him)

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

Emma Kannard, B.A.

Emma Kannard, B.A.(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, FAB400

Jessica Kassanits, MPH

Jessica Kassanits, MPH(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, RADD

Dana Kauffman

Dana Kauffman(she/her)

Communications Coordinator, CFAR

Siobhan Kenny

Siobhan Kenny(she/her)

Associate Research Administrator, CFAR

Maddie Kerr

Maddie Kerr(they/them)

Research Assistant, Project Recognize

Saiyyam Kochar

Saiyyam Kochar(he/him)

UI/UX Research Assistant, RADD

Sameena Koirala

Sameena Koirala(she/her)

Research Data Analyst Associate, RADAR

Stephanie Krislov

Stephanie Krislov(they/them)

Data Analyst, FAB400

Lew Lopez

Lew Lopez(any/all, respectably)

Research Study Assistant, RADAR

Julianna Lorenzo, B.S.

Julianna Lorenzo, B.S.(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, THRIVE

Maggie Matson, M.P.H.

Maggie Matson, M.P.H.(she/her)

Research Project Manager

Joshua Melville, M.Sc.

Joshua Melville, M.Sc.(he/him)

Lead Developer, Network Canvas Project

Eva Minahan, B.S.

Eva Minahan, B.S.(she/her)

Clinical Pyschology Student, Teen Health Lab

Julia Napolitano, B.A.

Julia Napolitano, B.A.(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, RADAR

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson(he/him)

Data Assistant, EDIT Program

Bryant Norton

Bryant Norton(he/him)

Research Assistant, PrEP4Teens

Jack Novotny, B.S.

Jack Novotny, B.S.(he/him)

Associate Software Developer, RADD Team

Madeline Oklesen, M.S.H.C.

Madeline Oklesen, M.S.H.C.(she/her)

Program Assistant

Reese Owens, B.A.

Reese Owens, B.A.(they/them)

Data Assistant, EDIT Program

Ana Michaela (Mica) Pachicano, B.A.

Ana Michaela (Mica) Pachicano, B.A.(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, ISCI Team

Yelena Pearson, B.A.

Yelena Pearson, B.A.(she/her and they/them)

Research Project Coordinator, RADAR

Esrea Pérez-Bill, B.A.

Esrea Pérez-Bill, B.A.(she/her and they/them)

Research Project Coordinator, EDIT Program

Avelina Petri, B.S.

Avelina Petri, B.S.(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, FAB400

Ben Polancich

Ben Polancich(he/him)

Center Administrator

Louis Porras, B.A.

Louis Porras, B.A.(he/him and they/them)

Data Assistant Associate, CONNECT Program

Alec Powers

Alec Powers(he/him)

Research Data Analyst, ISCI and SISCI

Cole Price

Cole Price(he/him)

Research Study Assistant, all2GETHER

Andrew Principe, B.A.

Andrew Principe, B.A.(he/him)

Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Morgan Purrier, Ph.D.

Morgan Purrier, Ph.D.(he/him)

Project Director, ISCI

Sarah Quain, M.A.

Sarah Quain, M.A.(she/her and they/them)

Communications Specialist

Kay Quiballo, M.S.

Kay Quiballo, M.S.(they/them)

Research Data Analyst Associate, EDIT Program

Predrag Radakovic, B.S.

Predrag Radakovic, B.S.(he/him)

Research Assistant, EDIT

Aditi Rangarajan, M.Sc.

Aditi Rangarajan, M.Sc.(she/her)

Research Data Analyst Associate, THRIVE

Anamaria Isabel Rey Bollentini

Anamaria Isabel Rey Bollentini(she/her)

Graduate Student, Veldhuis Lab

Anthony Rodriguez-Ortiz, B.A.

Anthony Rodriguez-Ortiz, B.A.(he/him)

Data Assistant, EDIT Program

Amanda Roque

Amanda Roque(she/they)

Financial Assistant

Luis F Rubio

Luis F Rubio(they/them/elle)

Research Study Assistant, THRIVE

Dan Ryan, M.S.

Dan Ryan, M.S.(he/him)

Clinical Research Associate

Rana Saber, M.S., M.S.L.

Rana Saber, M.S., M.S.L. (she/her)

Director of Operations

Afiya Sajwani, B.A.

Afiya Sajwani, B.A.(they/them)


Adrian Salvatore

Adrian Salvatore(he/him)

Social Media Coordinator, RADAR

Justin Schmandt, M.P.H.

Justin Schmandt, M.P.H.(he/him)

Associate Director, Third Coast CFAR

Ian Sieg, B.A.

Ian Sieg, B.A.(he/him)

Associate Developer, RADD

Emils Sietins

Emils Sietins(he/him)

Doctoral Student, THRIVE Center

B.R. Slone, M.A.

B.R. Slone, M.A.(they/them and she/her)

Research Data Analyst Associate

Nia Sosa

Nia Sosa(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, FAB400

Greg Swann, M.A.

Greg Swann, M.A.(he/him)

Senior Data Analyst, Keep It Up! and FAB 400

Kara Toll

Kara Toll(she/they)

Research Assistant, Teen Health Lab

Emily Urbanczyk, B.S.

Emily Urbanczyk, B.S.(she/her)

Research Study Assistant, RADD

Samantha Vera Leyva, B.A.

Samantha Vera Leyva, B.A.(she/her)

Research Study Coordinator, RADD

Ava Lauryn Wells-Quantrell

Ava Lauryn Wells-Quantrell(she/her)

Research Project Coordinator, EDIT

Jackie (Jiayi) Xu, M.S.W.

Jackie (Jiayi) Xu, M.S.W.(she/her)

Data Coordinator, EDIT Program

Evan Zhao, M.A.

Evan Zhao, M.A.(he/him or they/them)

Research Project Coordinator, CHAMBERS Study