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Network canvas: an open-source tool for capturing social and contact network data

Patrick Janulis, Gregory Phillips, Joshua Melville, Bernie Hogan, Kate Banner, Brian Mustanski, Carrie B Oser, Martha Tillson, John Schneider, Michelle Birkett

International Journal of Epidemiology

Motivation: Social influence and contact networks are extremely important for understanding health behaviour and the spread of disease. Yet, most traditional software tools are not optimized to capture these data, making measurement of personal networks challenging. Our team developed Network Canvas to provide an end-to-end workflow with intuitive interfaces to enable researchers to design and conduct network interviews.

Implementation: Network Canvas consists of three applications (Architect, Interviewer and Server). All applications are written in JavaScript and run on Windows, macOS and Linux; Interviewer also runs on Android and iOS.

General features: Network Canvas substantially reduces the complexity and technical knowledge required to collect network data via three point-and-click applications. The tool has wide applicability for measuring contact and social influence networks in epidemiology.

Availability: Network Canvas is open source and freely available [] under the GNU General Public License 3.

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