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Re-envisioning, Retooling, and Rebuilding Prevention Science Methods to Address Structural and Systemic Racism and Promote Health Equity

Murry VM, Bradley C, Cruden G, Brown CH, Howe GW, SepĆ¹lveda MJ, Beardslee W, Hannah N, Warne D.

Prevention Science

The historic momentum from national conversations on the roots and current impacts of racism in the USA presents an incredible window of opportunity for prevention scientists to revisit how common theories, measurement tools, methodologies, and interventions can be radically re-envisioned, retooled, and rebuilt to dismantle racism and promote equitable health for minoritized communities. Recognizing this opportunity, the NIH-funded Prevention Science and Methodology Group (PSMG) launched a series of presentations focused on the role of Prevention Science to address racism and discrimination guided by a commitment to social justice and health equity. The current manuscript aims to advance the field of Prevention Science by summarizing key issues raised during the series' presentations and proposing concrete research priorities and steps that hold promise for promoting health equity by addressing systemic racism. Being anti-racist is an active practice for all of us, whether we identify as methodologists, interventionists, practitioners, funders, community members, or an intersection of these identities. We implore prevention scientists and methodologists to take on these conversations with us to promote science and practice that offers every life the right to live in a just and equitable world.

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