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"I Don't See Myself Represented:" Strategies and Considerations for Engaging Gay Male Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Teens in Research and HIV Prevention Services

Pacheco M, Warfield SK, Hatzistavrakis P, Mochida-Meek S, Moskowitz D, Matson M, Mustanski B.

AIDS and Behavior

Significant efforts have been applied to the development of sexual health programs for minority young gay males. Given the absence of research with Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) gay teen males, this study was done to assess how to reach them. Interviews were conducted with 20 NHOPI gay males ages 19-24 as near peers that can inform reaching teens. Data was analyzed using the Reflexive Thematic Analysis method. Three themes were identified: (1) Culture is a crucial factor for recruitment and engagement-whether participants realized it or not; (2) Confidentiality is key in recruitment to provide a safe space for NHOPI gay teen male research participation; and (3) NHOPI gay teen males experience multiple identity conflicts that must be considered for recruitment and engagement initiatives. Online recruitment efforts are optimal and should reflect distinct NHOPI cultures. More research is needed when it comes to understanding the cultural acceptance and understanding of homosexuality in NHOPI communities and how to integrate cultural education into recruitment methods and interventions.

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