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A Systematic Review of Black American Same-Sex Couples Research: Laying the Groundwork for Culturally Specific Research and Interventions

JM Lassiter, J Dacus, MO Johnson

The Journal of Sex Research

This article presents the findings of a systematic review of the empirical literature related to Black American same-sex couples (BASCs). We found 16 articles that met inclusion criteria. Most articles were published in journals that focused on interdisciplinary studies, HIV/AIDS, and couples and families’ studies. Approximately 63% of the articles reported external funding support. However, only one of these grants was awarded to a Black investigator. Articles predominately focused on BASCs composed of Black sexual minority men residing in major U.S. cities. Only 25% of the articles focused on couples where both partners were Black. Most studies were cross-sectional, used convenience samples, and were reported without mention of a theoretical framework that explicated the philosophical assumptions that guided the research. The articles focused on a range of topics such as resilience, relationship dynamics, couple-level social support, rituals with extended families, and partner-health associations. The implications of these findings for advancing culturally-specific behavioral and social science health research and interventions with BASCs are presented.

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