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Low Levels of Neutralizing Antibodies After Natural Infection With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in a Community-Based Serological Study

McDade TW, Sancilio A, D'Aquila R, Mustanski B, Vaught LA, Reiser NL, Velez ME, Hsieh RR, Ryan DT, Saber R, McNally EM, Demonbreun AR

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Background: Confidence in natural immunity after infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 is one reason for vaccine hesitancy.

Methods: We measured antibody-mediated neutralization of spike protein-ACE2 receptor binding in a large community-based sample of seropositive individuals who differed in severity of infection (N = 790).

Results: A total of 39.8% of infections were asymptomatic, 46.5% were symptomatic with no clinical care, 13.8% were symptomatic with clinical care, and 3.7% required hospitalization. Moderate/high neutralizing activity was present after 41.3% of clinically managed infections, in comparison with 7.9% of symptomatic and 1.9% of asymptomatic infections.

Conclusions: Prior coronavirus disease 2019 infection does not guarantee a high level of antibody-mediated protection against reinfection in the general population.

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