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Role of Alcohol Disparities in HIV Risk Among Sexual Minority Youth

The Role of Alcohol Disparities in HIV Risk Among Sexual Minority Youth is a secondary data analysis project which uses data from CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) to study population-level differences in health outcomes between heterosexual and sexual minority youth, with an emphasis on alcohol- and HIV-related outcomes. 

Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youths in the US, and prevalence of alcohol use is disproportionately higher among sexual minority youth than among their heterosexual peers. This project will utilize data from the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey to assess alcohol use disparities across jurisdictions and time points.

The YRBS is a national biennial survey of high school students that has only recently begun to include measures of sexual identity and behavior. Although several states and jurisdictions assessed these sexual minority items before, 2015 marks the first time that they were asked within the National YRBS. In addition to national data, we will pool Local YRBS data from 2005 through 2017 for jurisdictions that measured sexual minority status to investigate jurisdictional and temporal associations. Additional study aims are to identify structural factors (laws, resource access, etc.) that may influence alcohol use and to study event-level associations between alcohol use and condomless sex.

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