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Plotting Layers of Transmission in Micro-Epidemics

PLoT ME (Plotting Layers of Transmission in Micro-Epidemics) aims to enhance understanding of the geosocial contexts of young men who have sex with men with the ultimate goal of identifying and addressing potential HIV microepidemics. Additional network data is currently being collected within the RADAR study on where men go to socialize, meet sexual partners, and access sexual health services.

This project also has the broader goal of enhancing HIV prevention efforts within Chicago. This has been accomplished through closer collaboration among researchers at Northwestern University, Oxford Internet Institute, and the Chicago Department of Public Health. Also, qualitative interviews with HIV service providers have been conducted to identify regional gaps in HIV prevention and treatment services for young men who have sex with men.

This project is sponsored by the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research and led by PI Gregory Phillips II, PhD.

Featured Publication

Utilization and Avoidance of Sexual Health Services and Providers by YMSM and Transgender Youth Assigned Male at Birth in Chicago. Gregory Phillips II, Balint Neray, Patrick Janulis, Dylan Felt, Brian Mustanski, Michelle Birkett. AIDS Care. 2019.