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FAB 400

two AFAB people, smiling and embracingFAB 400 is a collaboration between Northwestern University and the University of Cincinnati that began enrollment in November 2016 and is beginning its second phase of interviews in Fall 2023.

FAB 400 is focused on young LGBTQ people who were assigned female at birth (AFAB), who unfortunately have received far less attention in research than those assigned male at birth (AMAB). Therefore, FAB 400 participants are a diverse group of AFAB sexual and gender minority individuals (SGM-AFAB), including cisgender sexual minority women, transmen, and gender diverse individuals. FAB 400 has equal representation of different ethnic/racial groups to ensure that all voices are heard.

The study seeks to understand personal development, wellbeing, and relationship dynamics among this population. Specifically, we want to know what life experiences are associated with better vs. worse health and mental health, why some young people get involved in relationships and others don’t, and what makes some relationships healthy while others become unhealthy or violent. We have a particular interest in intimate partner violence (IPV), which SGM-AFAB experience at higher rates than heterosexual people and AMAB sexual minorities.

FAB 400 is a longitudinal study in which participants complete surveys every six months to one year. This allows us to analyze how relationships and individual wellbeing change over time and are impacted by internal and external factors, such as stigma and having a positive LGBTQ identity. We hope this research will contribute to the development of evidence-based programs to prevent IPV and mental health problems among young LGBTQ people and to provide culturally competent support to those who have experienced these issues.


The FAB 400 Cohort

In 2016/2017, 488 people took part in the FAB 400 baseline interview. This included 400 newly recruited youth ages 16-20 years, as well as 88 people who were previously participants in the Q2 study and have been participating since 2006/2007!

The FAB 400 sample is diverse in sexual, gender, and racial identity.

At the most recent study visit, FAB 400 study participants reside in over 30 states and four countries.


Study Status

In late summer 2023, FAB 400 is beginning its second phase, which will include at least six additional waves of interviews over 2.5 years. We look forward to connecting with both new and returning participants in this new phase!

FAB 400 researchers have published more than 25 manuscripts and have presented results at many national conferences. To read more about the studies that have been conducted relating to FAB400, click here.