Dr. Christina Dyar Shares Research on AFAB Health Disparities

As part of ISGMH’s Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture series, research assistant professor Dr. Christina Dyar presented research findings on health disparities affecting sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB). Dr. Dyar’s lecture was hosted by Northwestern Medicine.

Dr. Dyar shared that, based on data collected from the FAB400 study, SGM-AFAB people experience disproportionately high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts when compared to the general population. Continue Reading ▶︎

Seeking a Participant Engagement Intern for FAB 400

We’re excited to announce a new internship opportunity with FAB 400, our longitudinal socio-behavioral research study that seeks to understand relationship dynamics and personal development among young LGBTQ people assigned female at birth (AFAB) living in Chicago. The study explores why some young people become involved in relationships and others don’t, and what makes some relationships healthy while others become unhealthy or violent. Continue Reading ▶︎