Research Projects

ISGMH has a growing portfolio of research projects that focus on issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention, adolescent sexual health, intervention evaluation, network analysis, and health promotion intervention development. Learn more about our current projects, organized by research program, below. 



  • CVD Algorithm Designed to Elucidate coNsequences of Cytokines, Environment, SES, and HIV (CADENCES HIV)
  • EDIT Cares
  • Evaluation Center for HIV Prevention Programs in Chicago 2.0
  • Getting to Zero Illinois Data Dashboard
  • Healthvana Demonstration Project
  • iCARE Nigeria Supplement
  • Integrated HIV Surveillance and Prevention Component B Demonstration Project
  • Invisible and Underserved: Improving the Community Health Surveillance of HIV-Related Health Outcomes of Bisexual Patient Populations to End the HIV Epidemic in Chicago
  • Next Generation Responses to HIV-Related Events in Ending the Epidemic Contexts
  • Role of Alcohol Disparities in HIV Risk among Sexual Minority Youth
  • YRBS R01