Community-Engaged Research

IMPACT staff member smiles and hands materials to community member. Community-engaged research has been a hallmark of ISGMH since its founding.  ISGMH collaborates with stakeholders in the communities we study. The community helps guide our research and data collection. At the same time, the community benefits from access to the latest research findings.

Examples of stakeholders in the community include adolescents and young adults from sexual and gender minority communities, healthcare providers, public health leaders, and community based organizations (CBOs) that serve the LGBTQ communities in and around Chicago.

We assemble and meet regularly with the , and project-specific Scientific Advisory Boards to inform, consult, involve, and empower minority communities and address recognized health disparities.

A secondary aim of community-engaged research is to influence policy and social change to improve the health and quality of life of LGBTQ community members.

We are actively working with the following ISGMH Community Partners:

For more information, contact Thom Remble, IMPACT director of research.