Who We Are

The Research Application Design and Development (RADD) team provides researchers technical services in order to develop and implement effective eHealth research technologies, and recruitment and advertising services to find participants to engage in them. These services include developing software to be used within interventions, designing user interfaces and experiences, graphic design for various components of the interventions, social media recruitment campaign development, and more. The RADD team has not only developed technologies to implement and support ISGMH’s various research initiatives, but has continued to support university-wide eHealth project initiatives. As a team, RADD has developed new technologies for various Northwestern University collaborators and external academic collaborators and continues to help researchers push their eHealth interventions to exciting new horizons.

What We Do

  • Grant Writing Support
  • Prototype Development
  • Software Development and Quality Control testing
  • Project Management
  • UX and UI Design
  • Usability Testing Consultation
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • Social Media Campaign Development
  • Social Media Recruitment Strategies

Grant Writing Support

Prototype Development

Software Development

Quality Assurance Testing

Meet the Team

Team Members

Project Examples


PI: Judith Moskowitz, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

An online positive affect skills intervention for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain.


PI: Dave Huebner, George Washington University

A web-based intervention aimed at improving the quality and frequency of parent communication with their AMSM sons regarding HIV and sexual health.

Sweet Mama

PI: Lynn Yee, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

A theory-driven, advanced mobile first health application that delivers an interactive, goal-oriented educational and motivational diabetes focused content for low income pregnant women diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.