Share your voice and your stories with guys like you around the country

Be a part of a national program to stop HIV in your community

Our Keep It Up! (KIU!)  team is seeking video submissions from young gay, bisexual, queer, and other same-gender loving men about their experiences with love, dating, sex, and relationships. If selected, your video submission will be included in the newest version of our multimedia KIU! HIV prevention program for young guys who like guys.  

Submission guidelines:

  • You must be 18-29 years old and identify as a cis or trans guy who likes other cis or trans guys.
  • Videos shouldn’t be more than a couple minutes long and should focus on the topics provided below.
  • The deadline to submit your video is July 21, 2019. 

Below are examples of the videos we used in the original KIU! intervention. We’re sharing them to give you an idea of what we’ve done in the past – feel free to use them as a guide, or to break the mold with your own creative ideas!

How do I submit a video?

Step 1. Pick which questions you want to answer.

We cover a lot of topics in KIU!, so there’s something for everyone to talk about. Take a look at the list of topics and questions below; you can choose as many as you want to answer in your video. Just make sure that you talk about each topic separately. 

  • What does community mean to you?
  • What communities do you belong to, and how do they intersect?
  • How do you find community?
  • How does community contribute to your health and happiness?
How To Find A Boyfriend
  • What advice would you give a friend on how to meet a boyfriend?
  • What do you love about your sexuality/sexual orientation?
How To Have Good Sex
  • What makes good sex?
  • How do you keep sex good with partners?
  • What does family mean to you?
  • Whom do you consider part of your family?
  • How do you talk to your family about sex and relationships?
  • How do condoms factor into your sex life?
  • What do you like about using condoms?
  • What do you not like about using condoms?
    • If you’re not using a condom, what do you do instead?
HIV/STI Testing
  • How important is regular testing to you?
  • How do you remember to get tested?
  • How easy is it for you to get tested?
Sex & Relationships
  • What do you like about being single, or being in a relationship?
  • How important are sex and relationships to your life?
  • How do you stay safe/healthy while you’re having fun (partying/sex)?
  • What’s the best/worst thing about sex?
  • Are you on PrEP? Why or why not?
  • What are some positives and/or negatives of using PrEP?
  • How easy was it for you to get on PrEP?
  • What do you think of guys who are on PrEP?
  • What do other guys (or girls) say when you tell them you’re on PrEP?
Relationship Agreements
  • What is your [ideal] relationship/sexual agreement?
  • How did you decide that that agreement was right for you?

Step 2. Pick people to be in the video with you.

You can film a video yourself, or you can invite others to be in it as well! Get your friends, partners, and pets in on the fun!


Step 3. Film a video of yourself answering your chosen questions.

Film yourself with a high-definition smartphone camera, webcam, GoPro, or other video recording device. Videos should have a standard hi-def aspect ratio (16×9) or be able to be cropped to that. (If you film in widescreen, leave room at the sides that we can cut off.)

You are not required to say your name on the video. The videos can be as long or as short as you want. Please repeat each topic or question before you answer it.


Step 4. Sign a talent release form.

All persons who appear in your video (but not pets) must sign a Northwestern University talent release form in order for us to use your video. You can download the form here. You can digitally sign the PDF file or print and take a photograph of your signed form.


Step 5. Upload your video and talent release form.

Upload your video file and talent release form(s) here. We will also ask you a few questions for administrative purposes. This information will not be linked to your video without your consent.



What is Keep it Up!?

If you are a gay, bisexual, queer, or same-gender loving man, you probably didn’t get great sex education that was relevant to your needs or experiences.

That’s why we created Keep It Up! (KIU! for short) – an interactive, online HIV prevention program designed specifically for young adult guys who like guys ages 18–29. We created KIU! to give users important information and skills around having fun and staying safe when having sex with other guys. Best of all, they can access the program at their convenience from any smartphone, tablet, or computer!

KIU! has so far been delivered to over 1,500 guys in several major cities. In a previous study, KIU! was proven to reduce risk for HIV. It also reduced actual STIs by over 40%!

We’re now preparing to bring KIU! to 44 counties across the United States, where we hope to reach at least 4,000 young guys in the next few years.

Why do you need video submissions?

A key component of KIU! is “On the Street” videos: candid interviews with regular young men about topics like community, family, and relationships. The original KIU! was delivered in 3 cities (Atlanta, Chicago, and New York), so the videos were taken literally on the streets of those cities. Now that we are going national, we want more diversity and representation from guys around the country.

Also, as with any technology, videos can grow old, too. It’s time to update and upgrade!

What do I get?

 We know making videos takes time and energy, so we greatly appreciate your generous contribution. By submitting a video, you’ll have a chance to be part of a truly unique national program that is bettering the health of young guys like you.

If you would like your name to appear in our official acknowledgements, please indicate that when you submit your video. Otherwise, your name will never be publicly associated with your video.

How can I get more details?

To learn more about KIU!, click here.

To learn more about the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health, click here.

To learn about other opportunities for you to participate in our various research studies, click here