KIU! 3.0 Request for Proposals FAQs

Q: Is my organization still able to apply if we did not submit a Letter of Intent?

A: Yes, whether or not your organization submitted a Letter of Intent, we are interested in reviewing applications from all eligible applicants.

Q: Which agencies/types of organizations are eligible for this notice of funding opportunity?

A: Eligible applicants must be considered a nonprofit public or private organization with 501(c)(3) IRS status (other than institutions of higher education). This includes community-based, non-profit medical care organizations, STD/STI clinics, or other social service agencies. Eligible applicants must also offer HIV prevention and testing services to young men who have sex with men (ages 18-29). Applicant organizations must be located and provide services in one of the 30 target counties listed in the table below.

County Name

State (Abbreviated)

County Name

State (Abbreviated)

Pima County


Plymouth County


San Diego County


Baltimore city


Sacramento County


Prince George’s County


San Mateo County


Kent County


Denver County


Hennepin County


Fairfield County


Mecklenburg County


Hillsborough County


Kings County


Palm Beach County


Bronx County


DeKalb County


Franklin County


Cobb County


Cuyahoga County


Lake County


Oklahoma County


Will County


Davidson County


Marion County


Harris County


Jefferson County


Salt Lake County


Orleans Parish


Virginia Beach city


Q: Is my organization eligible if we provide services in one of the 30 selected counties, but are physically located at an office outside of the selected county?

A: Applicants are not required to have a physical office located in the target county for which your organization is applying for funding. However, it is required that your organization recruit 100-300 YMSM from the target county.

Q: Is my organization still eligible if we don’t provide STI testing?

A: It is only required that organizations offer HIV testing to YMSM. Organizations that do not offer STI testing are still eligible for this funding opportunity. However, your organization will be required to facilitate STI testing. The KIU! team will work with selected CBOs who do not offer STI testing to determine a method of facilitation that is best suited to their environment.

Q: When is my application due?

A: Applications are due no later than October 7, 2019 by 11:59pm Central Standard Time. No applications will be accepted after this date/time.

Q: What is the page limit for the project narrative and any other text requirements?

A: The Project Narrative should not exceed 10 pages, single-spaced, one-inch margins. The entire application package should not exceed 15 pages.

Q: How should I organize my application?

A: See page 11 in the RFP for details.

Q: What information needs to be included in the project narrative?

A: Requirements for the project narrative can be found on pages 5-7 of the RFP. Questions that require written responses should be answered in the order they appear on the RFP. When completing the Project Narrative, please use the letter or number of the heading, sub-heading, or question to delineate your answers.

Q: What additional materials, including licenses and/or certificates, do I need to submit, and how do I submit them?

A: See page 9 in the RFP for details.

Q: Why do we need to provide a DUNS number, a Federal EIN number, and registration information?

A: The DUNS, Federal EIN, and information will enable our contracting office to conduct required pre-contracting background work for the contracting process to move forward.

Q: Will KIU! be providing training or technical assistance to CBOs on Keep It Up!?

A: The KIU! team is designing a standardized package of technical assistance and training to provide to all CBOs. Trainings and technical assistance will include, but not be limited to, recruitment, retention, and leveraging social media for successful engagement with YMSM. KIU! staff will also work individually with funded CBOs to provide tailored assistance to their needs.

Q: Are there budget templates you could share with us, to include the categories to use for the budget development?

A: See page 19 in the RFP for details.

Q: What is the Bidder’s Conference, and what if I can’t attend?

A: The Bidder’s Conference is an optional, BlueJeans-enabled call, which will take place on August 21, 2019 from 11am-1pm Central Standard Time. During the call, CBO’s can ask questions about the RFP and the project overall. A summary of the call will be available at for individuals who cannot attend.

To join the Bidder’s Conference call: . To join via phone, dial 866.226.4650 and enter Conference ID: 448309866, followed by #.

Q: Can those who identify as transgender and/or gender-queer participate in the study?

A: The KIU! program was developed for and evaluated primarily among individuals assigned a male sex at birth who have a male gender identity. Transgender individuals may participate and benefit from the KIU! program, but may feel it is less relevant to their experiences and needs.

Q: Where can I find more information about Keep It Up!?

A: More information about KIU! can be found on our website:

Q: How will my organization’s proposal be evaluated?

A: Detail on the evaluation criteria may be found in the RFP on page 10.