Current Issues in LGBTQ Health Lecture Series

ISGMH’s Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture series focuses on highlighting important work being done in the field of LGBTQ health. Each lecture showcases the work of a different speaker or speakers. All of our lectures are open to the public to attend (as space allows) and available via livestream. Unless otherwise stated, our lectures are held in the Stonewall Conference Room at 625 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611.

Several of our past lectures can be viewed on YouTube.

ISGMH’s Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture series is generously cosponsored by Northwestern Medicine.

Upcoming Lectures


Dr. Lauren Beach – March 18, 2019

Dr. Christina Dyar – April 16, 2019


Past Lectures

Dr. Ricky Hill – “Community-Based Participatory Research and Transgender Communities: A Case Study Out of Albuquerque, New Mexico”

Dr. Sari van Anders – “Sexual and gender/sex diversity beyond sexual orientation”

Dr. Héctor Carrillo – “Rethinking Sexual Migration: Shifting Sexualities and Health Implications”

Dr. E. Patrick Johnson – “The Beekeeper: Performing Black Southern Women Who Love Women”

Dr. Carlos Gallo – “Analyzing linguistic style in text messages for an HIV prevention program”

Dr. Dustin Duncan – “Spatial Epidemiology of Health Disparities in LGBT Populations: What Do We Know and What’s Next?”

E.J. Graff – “How the amazingly awkward, ever-shifting LGBTQ acronym got foisted on you — and why it won’t go away any time soon”

Dr. Jennifer Brier – “How to Have History in an Epidemic: Can History Make You Healthy?”

Dr. Kirsten Simonton – “LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care: Coming Out of the Margins”

Eileen Pagán – “Supporting and Lifting LGBTQ+ Youth of Color Experiences.”

Pidgeon Pagonis – “Intersex Stories, Not Surgeries”

Dr. Alida Bouris and Sophia Davis – “Maternal, Paternal and Religious Support and Rejection as Correlates of Identity Conflict and Depression among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth of Color”

Dr. Paul Vasey – “Beyond the Binary: What the West can Learn from Non-Western Approaches to Gender Diversity”

Dr. Brian Dodge – “Bisexual Health: Risk and Beyond”

Dr. Jesus Ramirez-Valles – “Queer Aging”