Aymar Jean Christian: 2019 Leader for a New Chicago Awardee

This year’s Leaders for a New Chicago awardees include ISGMH affiliate faculty member, Aymar Jean “AJ” Christian. The Field Foundation of Illinois is a “private, independent foundation that has been dedicated to the promise of Chicago for over 80 years. It aims its grant-making toward the goal of community empowerment through funding nonprofits working in justice, art and leadership investment.” The Foundation makes $2 million in grants annually, which it uses in part to support these local awardees. Continue Reading ▶︎

Keep It Up! Call for Video Submissions from Young, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and other Same-Gender Loving Men

Our Keep It Up! (KIU!) team is seeking video submissions from young gay, bisexual, queer, and other same-gender loving men about their experiences with love, dating, sex, and relationships. If selected, your video submission will be included in the newest version of our multimedia KIU! HIV prevention program for young guys who like guys. Continue Reading ▶︎

Brian Mustanski Podcast Interview on his Passion for LGBT Health Research

It was during his undergraduate years at Northwestern University that Brian Mustanski knew he wanted to combine the perspectives of biology and psychology in the world of human sexuality research. He now serves as our Director at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing, the Co-Director of the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research, and he is a tenured Professor at Northwestern. Continue Reading ▶︎

Lessons from the 2019 National LGBTQ Health Conference

After five successful years in Chicago, the National LGBTQ Health Conference moved to Atlanta, GA, this past month. Co-organized and hosted by Emory University, the conference had the largest audience to date with more than 320 attendees, including scientists, public health professionals, and health care providers focused on the health and wellbeing of sexual and gender minorities. Continue Reading ▶︎

Now Available: Articles from the 2017 “State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing” Symposium

The LGBT Health journal has just released its newest issue for Pride Month, featuring articles from ISGMH’s 2017 public symposium “The State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing: Strengthening Schools and Families to Build Resilience.” In partnership with the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology, Advocates for Youth, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, an all-day working group meeting was held to identify areas of strong and emerging scientific evidence, gaps in knowledge, and research priorities regarding HIV, substance use, mental health and suicide, and violence among LGBTQ youth. Continue Reading ▶︎

Dr. Lauren Beach Speaks Out About “Conscience Objection” Rule’s Threat to Patient Health

This Thursday, the Trump administration finalized a new rule enabling medical providers to discriminate against patients based on their “conscience” or personal or religious beliefs. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) argues that enforcement of the rule will remove barriers to entry for people who want to join health care professions but have moral and religious objections to certain types of care or procedures. Continue Reading ▶︎