Lessons from the 2019 National LGBTQ Health Conference

After five successful years in Chicago, the National LGBTQ Health Conference moved to Atlanta, GA, this past month. Co-organized and hosted by Emory University, the conference had the largest audience to date with more than 320 attendees, including scientists, public health professionals, and health care providers focused on the health and wellbeing of sexual and gender minorities. Continue Reading ▶︎

Now Available: Articles from the 2017 “State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing” Symposium

The LGBT Health journal has just released its newest issue for Pride Month, featuring articles from ISGMH’s 2017 public symposium “The State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing: Strengthening Schools and Families to Build Resilience.” In partnership with the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology, Advocates for Youth, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, an all-day working group meeting was held to identify areas of strong and emerging scientific evidence, gaps in knowledge, and research priorities regarding HIV, substance use, mental health and suicide, and violence among LGBTQ youth. Continue Reading ▶︎

Dr. Lauren Beach Speaks Out About “Conscience Objection” Rule’s Threat to Patient Health

This Thursday, the Trump administration finalized a new rule enabling medical providers to discriminate against patients based on their “conscience” or personal or religious beliefs. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) argues that enforcement of the rule will remove barriers to entry for people who want to join health care professions but have moral and religious objections to certain types of care or procedures. Continue Reading ▶︎

Dr. Christina Dyar Shares Research on AFAB Health Disparities

As part of ISGMH’s Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture series, research assistant professor Dr. Christina Dyar presented research findings on health disparities affecting sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB). Dr. Dyar’s lecture was hosted by Northwestern Medicine.

Dr. Dyar shared that, based on data collected from the FAB400 study, SGM-AFAB people experience disproportionately high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts when compared to the general population. Continue Reading ▶︎

Seeking a Participant Engagement Intern for FAB 400

We’re excited to announce a new internship opportunity with FAB 400, our longitudinal socio-behavioral research study that seeks to understand relationship dynamics and personal development among young LGBTQ people assigned female at birth (AFAB) living in Chicago. The study explores why some young people become involved in relationships and others don’t, and what makes some relationships healthy while others become unhealthy or violent. Continue Reading ▶︎

Announcing the Winner of the 2019 ISGMH Graduate Fellow Research Award

We are delighted to announce that Kyle Jozsa has been named the recipient of the ISGMH Graduate Fellow Research Award! The award was established in 2017 in order to provide research and training opportunities for the next generation of SGM scholars.

Kyle received the award to support an interview study focused on the accessibility of sexual- and HIV- related health care for men who have sex with men living in rural areas of the United States. Continue Reading ▶︎