Dr. E. Patrick Johnson Presents Current Issues in LGBTQ Health Lecture/Performance

Dr. E. Patrick Johnson recently joined ISGMH to present “The Beekeeper: Performing Black Southern Women Who Love Women.” Interweaving his lecture with performances of oral histories, Dr. Johnson shared experiences of black Southern women who desire women. Dr. Johnson highlighted three overlapping themes from his work with black Southern queer women: religion, gender nonconformity, and sexual trauma.   Continue Reading ▶︎

Dr. Carlos Gallo Presents Current Issues in LGBTQ Health Lecture

Dr. Carlos Gallo recently presented “Analyzing linguistic style in text messages for an HIV prevention program” for ISGMH’s Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture series. Dr. Gallo spoke of the relationship between language expression and health outcomes while detailing the findings from his analysis of linguistic matching in Guy2Guy (G2G), an early IMPACT Program intervention. Continue Reading ▶︎

Dr. Dustin Duncan Presents Current Issues in LGBTQ Health Lecture

Dr. Dustin Duncan joined ISGMH on March 13th to present the tenth lecture in our Current Issues in LGBTQ Health series.

Dr. Duncan discussed several of his research projects in a talk titled “Spatial Epidemiology of Health Disparities in LGBT Populations: What Do We Know and What’s Next?” His lecture emphasized the importance of examining the role social and environmental determinants of health play in shaping health disparities in SGM populations. Continue Reading ▶︎

ISGMH Brings Current Issues in LGBTQ Health to Evanston with Dr. Jennifer Brier

ISGMH was proud to host our first Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture in Evanston last week. Dr. Jennifer Brier, the director for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s program in Women’s and Gender Studies, examined the history of HIV/AIDS in a talk titled “How to Have History in an Epidemic: Can History Make You Healthy?” Dr. Continue Reading ▶︎