Research Design and Assessment

The IMPACT program has a rich history of conducting clinical, translational, and community-engaged research with sexual and gender minority adolescents and young adults with a focus on health and wellbeing. We also strive to be sex-positive in our approaches to sexuality and sexual expression, and affirming of gender identities. Our expertise in research design and assessment includes a number of areas:

  • Ethics in Research with Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents
  • Sexual Minorities
    • LGBQ Health and Development
    • Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities
    • Mental Health, Bullying and Stigma
    • Bisexuality
    • Same-sex Relationships
  • Gender Minorities
    • Mental Health and Development
    • Transgender Issues
    • Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming Identities
    • Sexual Health and Health Disparities
  • HIV/STI Prevention
  • Intervention Development
    • Implementation Science
    • Community-Engaged/-Embedded Research
    • eHealth, mHealth
    • Delivery of Sexual Health Education