HIV Research within the Chicago Latino MSM Community

Dr. Gregory Phillips II, Director of the Evaluation, Data Integration, and Technical Assistance Program, and Saúl Aviña Jr. of Comprensión y Apoyo a Latinos en Oposición al Retrovirus (CALOR), were awarded funding in order to “build and enhance capacity for conducting HIV research with Latino men who have sex with men in Chicago through a community-academic partnership”. Funded by the Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities, this project will leverage expertise from both organizations in order to conduct research to improve the health of Latino same gender-loving men – a group disproportionately affected by HIV.

Specifically, this project seeks:

  1. To build and strengthen the partnership between a community-based Latino HIV-focused organization –CALOR– and ISGMH through the following activities:
    1. Convening monthly meetings between relevant team members at CALOR and ISGMH to gain familiarity with the work each currently does.
    2. Attending events sponsored by each organization.
  2. To audit and enhance existing research infrastructure at CALOR and ISGMH through the following activities:
    1. Review current practices (data collection, storage, and management; protocol development; etc.) and develop a plan to address any identified challenges.
      • CALOR: the goal will be to improve evaluation capacity.
      • ISGMH: the goal will be to improve capacity to conduct community-engaged research.
    2. Build internal capacity to effectively use resources in order to develop a healthy, evaluable, and community-engaged research portfolio at both CALOR and ISGMH.
  3. To pursue collaborative research opportunities through the following activities:
    1. To foster community buy-in for research activities through community forums and focus groups.
    2. Identifying gaps in public health messaging in Chicago targeted toward Latino/Hispanic populations.
    3. Expand the reach and activities of both ISGMH and CALOR through research grant submissions.

Academic Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Gregory Phillips II
Community Co-Principal Investigator: Saúl Aviña Jr.
Team Member: Christian Adames
Funder: Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities