Dennis Li Leads Webinar on Implementation Strategies

Last month, ISGMH faculty member and assistant professor Dennis Li, Ph.D., led a webinar on implementation strategies with Patrick Sullivan, M.D., of Emory University as part of the Implementation Science Consultation, Coordination and Collaboration Initiative (ISC3I). Geared toward project teams supported by ISC3I, the webinar may also be of interest to anyone designing and executing implementation research, especially in the field of HIV research.

ISC3I is a coordinating and technical support center for 65 projects funded through the Department of Health and Human Services’ Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) initiative. One of ISC3I’s goals is to provide technical assistance from experts on implementation science (IS) designs, frameworks, strategies, measures, and outcomes.

During the implementation strategies webinar, Li and Sullivan discussed this key component of the Implementation Research Logic Model. Strategies are changes in the implementation system to promote the adoption and sustainable integration of evidence-based health interventions into both clinical and community settings. Li drew on examples from the Keep It Up! project trial and Sullivan used examples from his work on increasing PrEP uptake to illustrate how strategies can be specified and studied in order to test their effectiveness in bolstering evidence-based HIV interventions. Ending the HIV Epidemic project teams were able to use this resource in order to fine tune their implementation research projects and applications for another year of NIH funding.