Now Available: Articles from the 2017 “State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing” Symposium

The LGBT Health journal has just released its newest issue for Pride Month, featuring articles from ISGMH’s 2017 public symposium “The State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing: Strengthening Schools and Families to Build Resilience.” In partnership with the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology, Advocates for Youth, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, an all-day working group meeting was held to identify areas of strong and emerging scientific evidence, gaps in knowledge, and research priorities regarding HIV, substance use, mental health and suicide, and violence among LGBTQ youth.

The working group addressed two important systems in the lives of youth: schools and families. The consultation included 40 participants from academia, federal health agencies, youth serving organizations, advocacy organizations, foundations, and youth themselves. The resulting articles are listed below and will be available for free until June 20, 2019:

The Influence of Families on LGBTQ Youth Health: A Call to Action for Innovation in Research and Intervention Development
Michael E. Newcomb, Michael C. LaSala, Alida Bouris, Brian Mustanski, Guillermo Prado, Sheree M. Schrager, and David M. Huebner 

Strengthening Our Schools to Promote Resilience and Health Among LGBTQ Youth: Emerging Evidence and Research Priorities from The State of LGBTQ Youth Health and Wellbeing Symposium
Michelle M. Johns, V. Paul Poteat, Stacey S. Horn, and Joseph Kosciw 

Methodological Considerations for Advancing Research on the Health and Wellbeing of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
Sheree M. Schrager, Riley J. Steiner, Alida M. Bouris, Kathryn Macapagal, and C. Hendricks Brown