Announcing the Winner of the 2019 ISGMH Graduate Fellow Research Award

We are delighted to announce that Kyle Jozsa has been named the recipient of the ISGMH Graduate Fellow Research Award! The award was established in 2017 in order to provide research and training opportunities for the next generation of SGM scholars.

Kyle received the award to support an interview study focused on the accessibility of sexual- and HIV- related health care for men who have sex with men living in rural areas of the United States. “Although we’ve made amazing strides in better understanding and combatting LGBTQ health disparities, that work is often founded and delivered in major metropolitan settings,” Kyle shares. “Resources like PrEP and comprehensive sexual health care are often lacking outside urban areas, so it’s important to understand the needs that aren’t being met among non-urban LGBTQ people so we can work to fill those gaps,” he commented.

As part of the study, thirty rural men who have sex with men from across the country will be interviewed about their experiences accessing sexual health care. To better understand their needs, the questions will focus on potential barriers to care, such as stigma, lack of provider knowledge, navigating insurance, and comfort talking about sexual identity and behavior.

Congratulations, Kyle!