Dr. Mustanski’s Research Informs New APA Resolution on Adolescent Participation in Health Research

A headshot of Dr. Brian Mustanski.Monitor on Psychology has featured ISGMH director, Dr. Mustanski, in a recent piece about a new American Psychology Assocation resolution that supports mature minors’ participation in research without parental permission. Early in his career, Dr. Mustanski spent several months fighting for IRB approval of his research on mental health and HIV prevention in LGBTQ teens, which required a waiver of parental permission because many potential participants weren’t “out” to their parents about their sexual and gender identities. After numerous consultations with ethics and legal experts, Dr. Mustanski managed to get a waiver on parental permission.

Although current federal regulations allow for the waiver of parental permission in certain instances, IRBs have been inconsistent in their application of those waivers. The new APA resolution encourages IRBs to be knowledgeable about such regulations, and urges them to waive parental permission when it poses potential harm to the minor, especially when alternative research protections are in place.

Read the full resolution, which refers to several ISGMH studies, here.