Lurie Seeking Research Participants for Study on Anxiety & Depression

ISGMH affiliate faculty member Dr. Diane Chen is leading a study to develop a mobile app to help young males assigned at birth deal with anxiety and depression. Her team at Lurie Children’s Hospital is seeking participants in order to gather feedback about this app and see if it improves mental health.

They are looking for participants who:

  1. Were assigned male at birth and identify as men;
  2. Are romantically/sexually attracted to men;
  3. Are ages 14 – 24 years;
  4. Have recently experienced sadness, loss of interest, feelings of nervousness, or trouble controlling worry;
  5. Are not currently in counseling or therapy; AND
  6. Live in the Chicago metro area.

Interested participants will talk to a member of the research team to establish eligibility and review the consent forms over the phone. Participants enrolled in the study will be randomly put into one of two groups. Group 1 will be given access to the mobile app and will be asked to use it every day for about 15 minutes for 10 weeks. Group 2 will get referrals to LGBTQ and mental health resources in the community. After the first 10 weeks, Group 2 participants can choose to receive the mobile app as well.

During this time, participants in both groups will be asked to complete five 1-hour long mood and behavior assessments online and over the phone with a member of our research team. Participants will be compensated $25, $30, $35 and $40 for each of these assessments accordingly for a total of $130.

All information that participants share with us as part of this research study will be kept strictly confidential. Interested participants can check out their webpage and request to be contacted by the study team.