Northwestern Releases Statement Reaffirming its Commitment to Protecting Transgender, Non-Binary Community

Northwestern University has issued a statement reiterating its “unshakable commitment” to policies that affirm and protect gender identity and expression in the Northwestern community. The statement comes in the wake of recent efforts by the federal government to define an individual’s gender as determined at birth as either male or female and unchangeable.

ISGMH’s director, Dr. Brian Mustanski, contributed to the statement, warning that “genitals, genes and brains don’t perfectly line up for sex — and even less so for gender. Such a change is not medically accurate and likely will have no effect but to terrorize the transgender community.”

Northwestern has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Recognizing that there is still work to be done, the university has established the Gender Queer/Non-Binary/Transgender (GQNBT) Support Task Force. This university-wide task force will explore how Northwestern can better support the success of its GQNBT students, faculty and staff. Multiple ISGMH  staff and faculty members serve on the task force, which meets on a monthly basis to identify and address key challenges the university’s GQNBT populations face.