ISGMH Affiliate Dr. Hendricks Brown Receives NIMH Grant to Study SGM Youth Suicide Prevention

Hendricks BrownCompared to their non-sexual and gender minority (SGM) peers, SGM youth are disproportionally affected by suicide. ISGMH affiliate faculty member Dr. Hendricks Brown recently was awarded funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to address this disparity with a new project investigating existing suicide prevention programs.

This project will compare the effectiveness of prevention programs that target suicide directly with programs that target a range of risk factors for suicide. Additionally, it will study whether SGM youth benefit more or less from these suicide prevention programs compared to their peers. This project will work with a vast network of prevention trial researchers to analyze individual-level data from 21 randomized suicide prevention trails involving a total of 100, 851 participants. This project aims to fill existing gaps in our understanding of suicide prevention program efficacy, especially as it related to SGM youth.

Congratulations, Dr. Brown!