ISGMH Submits Formal Response to Proposed Changes to the National Crime Victimization Survey

The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics has requested a revision to the National Crime Victimization Survey information collection that raises the minimum age at which respondents will be administered questions on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Since July 2016, self-report data on sexual orientation and gender identity have been collected from all sampled persons age 16 or older. Per the requested change, the minimum age for these questions will be raised from 16 to 18 due to concerns about the potential sensitivity of these questions for adolescents.

The Bureau has requested formal comments on the proposed policy change, which can be submitted here until May 11. Signatures in support of ISGMH’s letter can also be submitted here

ISGMH faculty and staff, which include internationally recognized experts on ethical issues in sexual and gender minority (SGM) health research, have submitted the following formal response to the Bureau that details why the requested change in procedure would be extremely detrimental to the health and wellbeing of SGM youth.

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