Dr. Lauren Beach Featured in ThinkProgress Article on Bisexual Health

A headshot of Lauren Beach.Dr. Lauren Beach, an ISGMH postdoctoral research fellow, was recently featured in a ThinkProgress article focused on bisexual health. Published during Bisexual Health Awareness Month, the article detailed the barriers bisexual patients face when accessing mental health care. Dr. Beach pointed out that “while bisexual patients may experience similar stressors as gay, lesbian, and other monosexual patients, it has also been shown that bisexual people experience bisexual-specific minority stress.” Rather than general LBGT cultural competency trainings, Dr. Beach called for providers to pursue specific education and training on treating bisexual patients: “mental health professionals need to be aware that even within LGBTQIA community spaces, bisexuals can face rejection and a lack of social support. Therapists and other mental health providers should seek specific training for how to provide tailored, bisexual affirming, culturally competent care.”

Read the full ThinkProgress article here.