E.J. Graff Presents Current Issues in LGBTQ Health Lecture

Esteemed journalist E.J. Graff joined ISGMH on February 21st to present the ninth lecture in our Current Issues in LGBTQ Health series. In her talk, Graff examined the past and future of the ever-expanding LGBTQ acronym, leading audience members through a historical account of the addition of letters in the term over time. She called attention to the shifting definition of the word “queer,” which may have referred to one’s sexual orientation or gender identity depending on the time in Western history. Graff wove her own story of activism through her discussion of the dynamic acronym – each letter’s addition, she stressed, was the result of a push by people who didn’t feel like their identity was given the space it deserved in the movement. Graff encouraged audience members to grapple with the current state and potential future of the LGBTQ acronym, prompting a rich discussion on the nuance involved in and importance of describing and categorizing one’s identity.

A recording of E.J.’s talk and the resulting discussion can be viewed here.

ISGMH would like to thank the Buffett Institute for Global Studies for their co-sponsorship of this lecture. Read about our upcoming Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lectures here.   

  • E.J. Graff during her Current Issues in LGBTQ Health lecture.