Dr. Gregory Phillips II Awarded CDPH Infrastructure Building Grant

A headshot of Dr. Gregory Phillips.Dr. Gregory Phillips II, assistant professor of Medical Social Sciences and director of the Evaluation, Data Integration and Technical Assistance (EDIT) Program within ISGMH, has been awarded an infrastructure building grant by the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH). This grant will improve the Evaluation Center’s capacity to support community agencies serving sexual and gender minority populations on both local and national scales through evaluation of participating sites and provision of relevant technical assistance. This grant also continues EDIT’s close partnership with CDPH to integrate evaluation activities into the day-to-day operations of their funded HIV prevention agencies.

These funds will be used to help build the Evaluation Center’s brand as it continues to grow both locally and nationally. This includes the development of an outward facing website designed for CDPH, the Chicago community, and future collaborators. The site will house all existing and future technical assistance resources developed by the Evaluation Center (e.g., webinars), and will contain a form where current and potential partners can request individualized assistance. Additionally, dissemination activities on behalf of the Evaluation Center and collaborating agencies will be shared on the website as a way to facilitate communication with a broader audience. It will also offer a secure portal for reliable and efficient sharing of data relevant to current and future evaluation activities. Having a standardized location where agencies can enter client-level and aggregate data is important for ensuring a consistent pathway from data collection to evaluation, and will improve the time involved in accessing and cleaning data by the Evaluation Center.

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