Dr. Brian Mustanski Featured in Breakthroughs Newsletter

A headshot of Dr. Brian Mustanski.

ISGMH director, Dr. Brian Mustanski, was featured in the October 2017 Feinberg School of Medicine Research Office’s monthly Breakthroughs newsletter. The newsletter details the new cross-cutting themes and disease-based focus area recently added to Feinberg’s strategic research plan. Dr. Mustanski was quoted explaining the motivation behind adding “Health Aging” as one of these cross-cutting themes, citing the shifting focus of HIV research to include older populations. “Previously, we didn’t ask what someone’s health was like after being on HIV treatment for 20 or 30 years, because they weren’t living that long,” said Dr. Mustanski. “Now that people are living near-normal lifespans, we are looking at how to reduce the chronic disease and morbidities associated with living with HIV.”

Dr. Mustanski also commented on the addition of Behavioral Biology to the medical school’s disease-based focus areas.  “Mental health issues cross over between a lot of specialty areas at Feinberg, and this new disease focus allows us to grow across centers and departments,” Dr. Mustanski explains.

Read the entire newsletter detailing the Feinberg School of Medicine’s strategic research plan updates here.