Dr. Michael Newcomb Featured in NBC Out

Dr. Michael Newcomb, ISGMH’s associate director for scientific development, was recently quoted in NBC Out speaking on the importance of evidence-based, inclusive sex education. In its July 2017 edition, Teen Vogue published A Guide to Anal Sex” to provide  thorough, fact-based sex education for teens.  Because of the subject matter, the article led to frank, and sometimes controversial, discussion across social media and other media outlets.  Teen Vogue has a history of providing gender-neutral and inclusive sex education that other traditional education outlets fail to provide.

In discussing the reaction to Teen Vogue’s article,  Dr. Newcomb commented, “many if not most young people — both hetero and LGBTQ — feel the sex ed they’ve received in school was not sufficient, and that’s especially true for LGBTQ young people.”  Dr. Newcomb emphasized the role education can play in preventing outcomes like STIs, HIV, sexual assault, and unintended pregnancies. “It’s important that there are outlets like Teen Vogue providing information like this,” Dr. Newcomb says. “We need sex ed to be accurate and not heteronormative so it’s acceptable to everyone.”

Thank you to Dr. Newcomb for his work empowering LGBTQ youth and for his insight on promoting LGBTQ sex education.  Read the Teen Vogue article here and the NBC Out coverage here.  

For more information on LGBTQ youth health research and education, visit ISGMH’s IMPACT Program website here.