Dr. Francesca Gaiba Op-Ed Discusses Bisexual Health Disparities

Francesca Gaiba, Ph.D., associate director of the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing and research associate professor of Medical Social Sciences, recently published an op-ed on Role Reboot highlighting how prejudice and discrimination aimed at bisexuals can lead to harmful health disparities. Citing research conducted by ISGMH postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Brian Feinstein, as well as a number of ISGMH faculty, Dr. Gaiba points out that monosexuals (people who are only sexually attracted to one gender) are less likely to date bisexual individuals. Dr. Gaiba debunks various myths and stereotypes aimed at bisexual people and discusses the ramifications that may result for a bisexual person’s mental and physical health. “Since stigma and discrimination contribute to mental health problems experienced by some bisexual people, it’s critical that, as a society, everyone has accurate information about bisexuality,” writes Dr. Gaiba.

You can read the full op-ed entitled “Prejudice Against Bisexuals is Harming Their Health” here.

Dr. Gaiba was named a Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellow by Northwestern University in October 2016.