Keep It Up!


  • Designed with guidance from ethnically diverse YMSM
  • Multimedia and interactive content delivery
  • Teaches useful skills for real-life scenarios
  • Highly rated by participants


  • Easy to use
  • Accessible online
  • Reinforces and expands on information provided by HIV prevention workers in time-limited interactions
  • Meets CDC’s prevention grant requirement to provide comprehensive HIV-related prevention services for HIV-negative persons


  • Based on the Information–Motivation–Behavioral Skills Model for HIV Preventive Behavior and principles of e-learning
  • Tested in 2 efficacy trials, 1 implementation trial, and counting
  • Among 901 YMSM in 3 cities, significantly reduced recent condomless anal sex from 70% to 40% in the KIU! arm
    • Reductions were maintained for 12 months post intervention
    • This represented a 17% greater decrease than an active control arm
    • Also reduced STI rates by 40% compared to the control
KIU! 1.0 (2009 – 2010) Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial 102 YMSM (ages 18-24) in Chicago  Read Results
KIU! 1.5 (2012 – 2014) Service Implementation 343 YMSM (ages 15-24) in Chicago  Read Results
KIU! 2.0 (2013 – 2017) Randomized Controlled Trial 901 YMSM (ages 18-29) in Chicago, NY and Atlanta  Read Results
KIU! 2.5 (2017 – Present) Service Implementation Ongoing in Jackson, MS  —


Additional information

Q: Can my agency and/or I use Keep It Up! now?

A: We are currently pursuing funding to make KIU! available to community-based organizations, health departments, and young men who would like to use it. Please sign up below to receive updates about KIU!, and we will announce when rollout begins.

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