EDIT Program

The Evaluation, Data Integration, and Technical Assistance (EDIT) Program is led by director Dr. Gregory Phillips II and associate director Dr. George J. Greene. EDIT’s mission is four-fold:

  • To be a local and national leader in the evaluation of health interventions focused on sexual and gender minorities, with an emphasis on HIV programs
  • To support the evaluation of high-impact interventions targeting populations most at risk for disease acquisition
  • To develop procedures for integrating data from multiple sources to enhance understanding of health disparities and the efficacy of existing interventions to address these disparities
  • To disseminate best practices and evaluation results to a broad audience

Why Evaluation, Data Integration, and Technical Assistance?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers evaluation one of the ten essential public health services, and inclusion of an evaluation component in large funding announcements has become the standard. Within HIV research, rigorous evaluation is necessary to determine the efficacy of interventions.

With the growing array of data sources collected by healthcare providers, researchers, and health departments, such as electronic medical records, survey data, and epidemiological surveillance data, it is exceedingly important to develop methods to integrate these data in meaningful ways.

Despite the importance of evaluation and data integration, not all researchers and organizations have the training or expertise to effectively implement and evaluate interventions or integrate multiple data sets; therefore, EDIT incorporates technical assistance into its areas of focus.


Current Research Projects

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