Drs. Brian Feinstein and Lauren Beach Featured by the Bisexual Resource Center

A photo of Drs. Brian Feinstein and Lauren Beach ISGMH research assistant professor Dr. Brian Feinstein and ISGMH postdoctoral research fellow Dr. Lauren Beach were recently featured on the Bisexual Resource Center’s website.

In a research spotlight piece commemorating Bisexual Health Awareness Month, both Dr. Feinstein and Dr. Beach were invited to discuss their research findings and future plans as they relate to bisexual health. Dr. Feinstein emphasized the “critical need for more research on bisexual+ individuals’ health,” and Dr. Beach shared her plans to continue her “research, advocacy, and community engagement efforts to improve the health and healthcare of LGBTI and in particular, bisexual people.”

Read the full piece from the Bisexual Resource Center here.