SMART Project Hosts Community Collaboration Board Meeting

Members of ISGMH’s SMART Project recently had the opportunity to schedule a two-day community stakeholder meeting with six members of their Community Collaboration Board (CCB). Representing six LGBTQ community based organizations from across the United States and Puerto Rico, community board members and study staff discussed SMART Project implementation and content.

Day one consisted of individual interviews with each community board member, Dr. Ana Ventuneac (Implementation Science Work Group Lead), and Melissa Mongrella (SMART Recruitment and Retention Coordinator). Community board members shared their organization’s mission, goals, and who they serve. The SMART team learned about the types of youth-oriented programs offered and the role of technology within their organizations as a whole. Finally, the individualized groups discussed challenges to intervention implementation and brainstormed their ideal solutions.

The second day meeting was an opportunity for CCB and SMART team members to discuss the SMART Project and implementation as a group. Led by Dr. Brian Mustanski (Principal Investigator) and Dr. David Moskowitz (Project Director), collaborators shared their experiences at their respective organizations, provided valuable feedback on the SMART Project, and discussed specific implementation barriers and strategies in relation to SMART.

ISGMH’s SMART team is deeply appreciative of the CCB’s time and feedback and is looking forward to integrating their thoughts and continuing the collaborative process.

CCB meeting members

From left to right: Wiliam Garcia, Ana Ventuneac, Andres Carrion, Melissa Mongrella, David Moskowitz, Brian Mustanski, Rana Saber, Leandro Rodriguez, Aunsha Everett-Hall, Dennis Li, Lance Toma, Amy West, Gates Crisler, and Isaiah Wilson.