Dr. Francesca Gaiba Featured Guest on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, July 5, 2017

Recently, the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing announced the opening of its gender-neutral, multi-stall restroom on the Northwestern University Chicago campus.  Northwestern is the first major university to adopt such equality standards at ISGMH.  

Following the media attention from The Chicago Sun Times, Associated Press, CBS Chicago, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, among other outlets, Dr. Francesca Gaiba, ISGMH associate director, was invited as a guest on Chicago Tonight this Wednesday evening.

Chicago Tonight’s host, Phil Ponce, asked Dr. Gaiba to speak on the importance of multi-stall over single-stall gender-neutral bathrooms, the reaction of staff and visitors to the bathroom, and her views on how to create safe, inclusive spaces for all. Adding to this important discussion Dr. Gaiba says, “When it’s a matter of discomfort, I think people in dominant positions, in positions of privilege, should ask themselves, ‘Is my discomfort worth the threat to somebody else’s life?’  And I think once we put that on a scale we realize you’re just giving up a small amount of discomfort, but somebody else is getting safety and their life validated.”  

Thank you, Dr. Gaiba for advocating tirelessly for equality and the safety of all individuals and for WTTW and Chicago Tonight for the opportunity to share our message.  Watch the full segment here.