Dr. Brian Mustanski Featured in Article about Transgender Youth

Health.com, in collaboration with American Academy of Pediatrics recently published an informative article outlining 5 important facts about transgender youth that highlighted the work of Brian Mustanski, Ph.D., director of ISGMH and tenured professor of Medical Social Sciences, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Psychology at Northwestern University.

A study conducted by Dr. Mustanski found that of the 250 LGBT youth in Chicago followed for four years nearly 85 percent of the participants had decreasing levels of harassment, about 10 percent had significant increases in harassment, and about 5 percent had consistently high levels of harassment. Dr. Mustanski states, “We were struck by how severe [harassment] was for some of these kids who were getting highly victimized over their four years of high school.”  Dr. Mustanski continues, “If that’s your experience for several years of high school, you can imagine how scarring that would be.”  

Education, support, and promotion of empathy to transitioning youth is imperative. You can find the complete article here.