Francesca Gaiba Publishes Op-Ed on Transgender Identities in a Binary Society

Francesca Gaiba, PhD, research associate professor of Medical Social Sciences; associate director of the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing at Northwestern University; and a Public Voices Fellow through The OpEd Project was recently published in Medium speaking about gender binaries.  

Dr. Gaiba notes, “The reason we insist on binary definitions for gender answer is likely political-ideological, rather than strictly chromosome-XX-XY biological.”  Dr. Gaiba adds, “Perhaps one of the reasons for a binary gender system is that it is linked to reproduction and government’s interest in controlling it.  All human societies are organized around categories that regulate the way people relate to each other, and the way power is distributed.”  Dr. Gaiba’s professional background in anthropology and passion for advocating for the SGM community makes her voice especially significant.

Be sure to read the entire piece here.