PBS Article Highlights Transgender Fertility Research

PBS recently published an article featuring the work of Drs. Teresa Woodruff, Courtney Finlayson, and Emilie Johnson, three faculty members associated with ISGMH. The article details the groundbreaking work being done to explore fertility options for transgender patients using cancer research. In addition, the article discusses the often taxing experiences of trans patients seeking options for fertility, including the effects of altering hormone therapy regimens, potentially enduring invasive and distressing medical procedures, and managing expensive costs. “Fertility preservation is a major decision for everyone…I think that we have a lot to learn about how it’s different for trans individuals,” says Dr. Finlayson.

ISGMH congratulates Drs. Woodruff, Finlayson, and Johnson for their important work in improving SGM health and wellbeing. Read the full PBS article here.