Health Disparities Article by ISGMH Scholar Elizabeth McConnell Featured by Society for Research on Adolescence

The Society for Research on Adolescence recently featured an article titled “Health Disparities Research with LGBTQ Youth” by Elizabeth McConnell, M.A., graduate student and scholar at the Institute of Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing (ISGMH).

In the first part of the feature article, Ms. McConnell describes how her personal experiences inform her research on social support and wellbeing for LGBTQ youth. In the second part, she and her collaborators Dr. Brian Mustanski, director of ISGMH, and Dr. Michelle Birkett, director of the Complex Systems and Health Disparities program at ISGMH, discuss their approaches to health disparities research with LGBTQ youth.

In particular, the article reports findings related to the social support LGBTQ youth receive from friends, families, and significant others, as well as trajectories of mental health outcomes related to differing levels of support.

Ms. McConnell is currently a doctoral student in Clinical-Community Psychology at DePaul University exploring how race, gender, and sexual orientation intersect to shape HIV risk among young men who have sex with men. Concurrently, she conducts research at ISGMH with Dr. Birkett.